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Open letter to readers: Today and tomorrow

By Lynda Waddington | 11.17.11

Wednesday was a difficult day for The American Independent News Network, which is the larger entity that operates The Iowa Independent. Our chief executive and founder announced two of our sister sites would close and their content would be moved to The American Independent.

ACS lockout continues; plan emerges to repeal sugar protections

By Virginia Chamlee | 11.15.11

A recently introduced bill could have far-reaching impact on the U.S. sugar industry, including American Crystal Sugar, a farmer-owned cooperative that locked out 1,300 Midwest workers on Aug. 1.

Cain campaign: Farmers know more about regulations than EPA

By Andrew Duffelmeyer | 11.15.11

The chairman for Herman Cain’s Iowa effort says the campaign “relied more on the word of farmers than Washington regulators” in deciding to run an ad containing claims the Environmental Protection Agency says are false.

Mathis wins, Democrats maintain Senate control

Liz Mathis
By Lynda Waddington | 11.08.11

The Iowa Senate will remain under the control of a slim 26-25 Democratic majority when it reconvenes in January 2012.

Press Release

PR: Nation should work to address veterans’ challenges

By Press Release Reprints | 11.11.11

BRUCE BRALEY RELEASE — As US involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan ends, it’s more important than ever that our nation works to address the challenges faced by the men and women who fought there.

PR: Honoring veterans, help in hiring

By Press Release Reprints | 11.11.11

CHUCK GRASSLEY RELEASE — A difficult job market is challenging the soldiers, sailors and airmen who have protected America’s interests by serving in the Armed Forces.

PR: In honor of America’s veterans

By Press Release Reprints | 11.11.11

TOM LATHAM RELEASE — No one has done more to secure the freedom enjoyed by every single American than our veterans and those currently serving in the armed services.

PR: Honoring and supporting our nation’s veterans

By Press Release Reprints | 11.11.11

DAVE LOEBSACK RELEASE — Veterans Day is an opportunity to reflect on the service of generations of veterans and to honor the sacrifices they and their families have made so that we may live in peace and freedom here at home.

John McCain: Davenport Liveblog

By John Deeth | 10.11.08 | 9:34 am

Why is John McCain in Iowa when polls show him trailing? Will he again defend his opponent Barack Obama from personal attacks as he did Friday? What is his response to an Alaska legislative report charging his running mate Sarah Palin with abuse of power?

Iowa Independent’s John Deeth was live at McCain’s Saturday morning event in Davenport. The Republican nominee insists he’ll win Iowa, but had no comment about the Palin report. Nearly half the speech was attacks on Obama, but those were mostly issue based, and while the audience was a-hootin’ and a-hollerin, no explicit Obama attacks were overheard.

Before McCain’s arrival, a minister delivering an invocation said, “There are plenty of people around the world who are praying to their god, be they Hindu, Buddah, or Allah, that (McCain’s) opponent wins. I pray that you step forward and honor your own name.”

Later, as McCain spoke, a pair of peace protesters briefly disrupted the event.

9:52 and hello from Davenport. The event is scheduled to start at 10:30. Too bad it’s not utdoors, two blocks away on the banks of the Mississippi on a perfect fall day. Instead we’re in Davenport’s River Center, where my best row counting and multiplication estimates seating for 1500 or so.

You can literally see Barack Obama’s state from here (if not Russia). “We’re living in darkness,” says Mercer County. Illinois Republican vice chair Don Vickrey. But he says there is hope. Some of his fellow parishioners skipped out on a rare chance to see their candidate, choosing to paint yard signs instead.

So, with pundits rapidly moving Iowa into the Safe Democratic column, why is McCain making his third visit to the state? The pollsters “aren’t talking to true Iowans,” said Janice Levsen of Muscatine. “He needs to show us he cares about us, because we care about him.”

But, even if that’s the case, why a media market that’s half in Obama’s home state? Why not heavily GOP western Iowa? Ramon Perez of Davenport responds with his own question–”why go where you know you’re going to win? To me, Iowa’s always been a Republican state.” Perez, a retired veteran from Davenport, is carrying a homemade sign calling for victory in Iraq and Afghanistan. Unlike the Cedar Rapids McCain-Palin event last months, with its strict no homemade signs rule, this event appears to encourage homemade signs. McCain is “not a quitter,” says Vickrey.

Signs for the local candidates are also in evidence. None seem to say the word “Republican,” though the candidate for sheriff has some small elephants. No signs for congressional candidate Dave Hartsuch in sight, though I saw some in yards on the way in. Hartsuch is considered a longshot against freshman incumbent Bruce Braley, so even the boost a congressional contender theory fails to explain Davenport. (Why not, say, a central Iowa stop with Tom Latham?) There are some hot legislative races in the QC, but that’s way below the presidential nominee radar screen.

So, what about yesterday, when McCain (to his credit) rebuked his own supporters for personal attacks on Obama and called his rival “a good family man”? “McCain took a step above the rhetoric to show he’s the better person,” said Perez. “We want a clean fight, not a dirty fight.”

But Mark Gardner of Colona, Ill. says Republicans are frustrated. “People want him to go after the real Obama.” Is the campaign getting too personal? “Only if you’re a Democrat,” says a friend of Gardner’s, who moves ahead in line before I get his name.

Gardner likes McCain on economic issues. Small business, rags to riches… we need those breaks,” he says, adding that he trusts McCain on defense.

But when asked about the bailout bill, the cluster of people moving forward in line. One woman, who says she’s undecided, just shakes her head. “I guess I didn’t buy a fancy enough house,” says one man.

This appears to be McCain’s first scheduled event of the day, so we may get his first response to the ethics charges against his running mate Sarah Palin. The Alaska governor has already spoken, a little:

As the governor left her hotel around 8:30 this morning to board her idling campaign bus, NBC’s Matthew Berger asked, “Governor, did you abuse your power?”

Ms. Palin paused at the entrance to the bus and shouted back a response, which was picked up by a boom microphone: “No, and if you read the report you’ll see that there was nothing unlawful or unethical about replacing a cabinet member. You gotta read the report, sir.”

Droppin those closin consonants.

10:29. The security is tightening and the program is starting with the patriotic rituals that Republican events always include. The troops presenting the colors, it should be noted, are wearing red berets. This gives us a break from the music, which was generic country by one of the guys with a big hat. (I used to know country music, 20 or so years ago when I was a DJ.)

The invocation is interesting, as I hear keyboards going all around me:

“There are plenty of people around the world who are praying to their god, be they Hindu, Buddah, or Allah, that (McCain’s) opponent wins. I pray that you step forward and honor your own name.” Ends with “in Jesus’ name.”

Wow. McCain does not appear to have been here yet to catch that, but wow. The preacher’s name appears to be a Pastor Conrad of the Evangelical Free Church.

10:39. State Rep. Steve Olson gets to speak-I believe he’s unopposed. Says `06 was a rough year for GOP, but “I believe we can take over the Iowa House.”

Next is Ross Paustian, House 84 challenger against Elesha Gayman who he doesn’t name or attack; just a generic tax and spend set of remarks. We also get Jamie Van Fossen and Senate Challenger Shawn “the Hammer” Hamerlink. The Hammer, challenging Frank Wood, is high energy. He says McCain “and Palin” will be here soon. “And Palin?” we mutter at each other on Press Row. The consensus is Hamerlink mis-spoke, as my schedule shows Palin in Pennsylvania.

“We must elect people who do not come to your pockets to fix their problems.” Thus far, no one has said Word One about a specific opponent, though Hamerlink does get in a dig at Bill and Hillary.

11:01 and, having run out of legislative candidates we’ve got a time-killing cheering contest going on. What about Dave Hartsuch? Doesn’t an incumbent state senator and congressional candidate get some love? The speaking ends and we get loud dramatic fanfare music, like I’m watching movie credits. The national press corps is still not filing in. When they do get here, there’s a picturesque backdrop — hay bales and an antique John Deere — for the national TV crews.

11:08 and the first trickle of national TV techs. Now the writers, already booted up and racing into the seats in front of me.

“Right Now” by Van Halen. Same stage song as Cedar Rapids, despite Sammy Hagar’s disapproval. Does the family values crowd know the album title spells a dirty word?

OK, he’s here 11:11.

“The political pundits have been wrong several times, we are going to win the state of Iowa.” Three My Friends so far.

“Change and reform is coming to Iowa with John McCain and Sarah Palin.” Praise for Palin but no comment on the report. My Friends = 5.

“The American People Are Angry,” and Johns sounds that way too. “You’re angry and I’m angry too, and when SP and I get to the WH we’ll turn Washington upside down.”

USA! chant foes up. My Friends = 6.

Talks about mortgage refinancing. “The funs aren’t new but the priorities will be, for working families and homeowners.”

“The status quo is not on the ballot, we need change. The question is which direction will we go?” (We Want John! chant)

“Which candidate’s experience in life makes him a more reliable commander in chief for our troops. Who’s ready to lead!”

Protester! Young woman hoisted up onto shoulders right in front of press, flashing peace signs. Drowned out by chants: USA, we want John, etc. Escorted out by cops, the young man still carrying the young woman on his shoulders.

McCain: “That’s a perfect example of people who just don’t get it.” “I’ve had hundreds of town hall meetings, I always give people a chance to talk, I don’t always enjoy it, but if there’s anyone else, I’ll be glad to talk.”

He bashed the bear DNA (which he voted for) again and the Bridge to Nowhere (oh, just Google it) My Friends is up to about 15.

Spending cuts: “My friends, right now we need a hatchet AND a scalpel.”

“I’ll balance the federal budget by the end of my term in office.” My TERM? My FIRST term or my TERM?

Obama bash time. “He never answers the serious and legitimate questions he’s asked. He’s even questioned my truthfulness. I don’t need lessons in telling the truth, and if I did need help I wouldn’t seek advice from a Chicago politician.”

“I called for tighter restrictions on Fannie May and Freddie Mac; my opponent was silent and his Democratic allies did nothing.”

Health care: “He will fine employers. That kills jobs, my friends. He has not said how big his fine will be. You deserve an answer and you sure didn’t get it it Tues Night’s debate.”

Lots of scattered shouts from the audience, hard to make out individual words. Boos on taxes. “Half the income of small business in America would be taxed.”

A national reporter in front of me is bored and surfing “I’ll cut the size of gov’t and I’ll get this country moving again.” OM NOM NOM NOM.

Bashing earmarks and the planetarium projector. “The chairman of the planetarium pledged to raise $200,000 for Obama’s campaign.” Two my friends in one paragraph – easily up over two dozen.

“You don’t have to ‘hope’ things will change when you vote for me — you KNOW that things will change.”

Praise for the vets who are, you guessed it, My Friends. “I will bring our troops home with victory and honor and not defeat.” Reuses the “Make sure my son’s death was not in vain” bracelet line.

“I want to be president because I know I can inspire Americans to serve a cause greater than themselves.”

Speech wraps at 11:39. Same exit music, “Life Is A Highway.”

11:47. The nationals are starting to pack up while the camera scrum follows JMcC down the rope line. Crowd’s about half gone.

So what news do we get out of this?

  • He was here in the first place, defying the polls.
  • No comment on the Palin report in his first post-report appearance.
  • Crowd still mad but no audible threats.
  • McCain’s conciliatory stance may have been a one-time thing.
  • That invocation–though McCain wasn’t here for that.

    Calling it a day at 11:57, John Deeth reporting.


    Full name of clergy is Rev. Arnold Conrad, past pastor of the Grace Evangelical Free Church. Full quote:

    “I would also pray, Lord, that your reputation is involved in all that happens between now and November, because there are millions of people around this world praying to their god – whether it’s Hindu, Buddha, Allah – that his opponent wins, for a variety of reasons,” Conrad said.

    “And Lord, I pray that you would guard your own reputation, because they’re going to think that their god is bigger than you, if that happens. So I pray that you will step forward and honor your own name with all that happens between now and Election Day.”

    Response from Iowa McCain campaign: “While we understand the important role that faith plays in informing the votes of Iowans, questions about the religious background of the candidates only serve to distract from the real questions in this race about Barack Obama’s judgment, policies and readiness to lead as commander in chief.”

    Met a couple from Jones County on the way out, carrying Hartsuch yard signs, and they commiserated that Hartsuch, and Senate candidate Chris Reed, didn’t speak.

    Other crowd estimates were 2,000 and 3,000. The press riser could have been pushed back a good 30 feet or so to hold more people.

  • Comments

    • linkster999

      Would someone PLEASE deliver a request to this most unenlightened “pastor” – no better yet a question.

      If the pastors “god” is the one true god then aren't the Hindus, and the Buddists, and the Moslems all praying tio the same god the pastor is? What sort of religous sport is the pastor playing. Stir em up and send the troops out on the field of battle against the Evil-ones…

      Or is the pastor still living in the 14th century – my guess he is.

      J Barnas

    • HoustonforObama

      Fascinating account. Why hasn't McCain denounced the bigotry of some of his supporters?…

    • Catlanta

      McCain campaighn's respons “… questions about the religious background of the candidates only serve to distract ….”

      Whhhaaaat? What does that mean? Questions about the invocation clearly have nothing to do with questions about *McCain's* religous background. Just what exactly is the campaign saying here without actually saying it?

      The invocation is a story (and I hope someone interviews the pastor). But the campaign's response is a BIG story. Go after it.

      • ste_benilde

        Religious background of a person affect the thoughts of the person, it is part and parcel of that person. It should not distract. You cannot separate a person from what he believes in. Muslims kill others for their God, they believe they will go to heaven. I hope you can understand, do you want to be a muslim–I know I don't but anyone who wants to be one is free to do so–here in America. The founding fathers of this great nation is what I want to be and I see that in JOHN McCAIN!

        • JoeSixpack

          Ste benide, I fear you're certifiably religiously insane, not to mention so sadly misinformed and uninformed that it's a shame you're going through life like that.

          It's no sin to be stupid, but do you have to act as though you know the truth when you're so obviously and blatantly wrong? That's the crime here.

          You write: “Muslims kill others for their God, they believe they will go to heaven. “

          And I suppose Christians DON'T kill others for their God? If some religious lunatic that believse as you do goes to Iraq and thinks he's doing the Lord's work by killing Muslims, doesn't he believe he'll go to heaven for killing others?

          I'd bet the farm that you yourself think it's the Christian thing to do to kill people simply because they're Muslim. You certainly think it's Christian to feel like that only people like you have a right to live in this country or have a say in how it condiucts it's business.

          You're a fruitloop, and on the wrong side of history. I feel sorry for you, as you're obviously freaking out at the prospect that America might not be totally and utterly dominated by white people of certain types of Christian beliefs, and you're thinking McCain will somehow make time stand still.

          Dream on, my delusional friend.

          • ste_benilde

            Hey Joe:
            I am informed. I read the papers in whatever spin they do or not do.  I read muslims or islamic people wrapping bombs around children or around women just to be able to kill innocent young people of Israel.  I haven't heard of brave muslim men wrapping bombs around other men to do so. They even hide behind their womens skirts.  I am sure you must have read about that too.  People like that have no right to live with the enlightened people of America. I am sure you agree with that, especially if you have children and a family too.
            Remember 9/11? Did you read about it?  That alone gives me goose pimples, they bombed a building full of people that were not at war.  What do you think of that? Were those muslims not crazy? Wasn't it written that they went bombing the WTC because they would go to heaven and 20 virgins?  Did you pick a fight with Time,  Newsweek and all the other newspapers  having written so?
            We all have our religion but I am not a religious fanatic, I do not know if you are.  I am not going to kill another person just to satisfy my religious belief.    If I were in a fight to defend myself–then that would be excusable.  I could die and my opponent may, also.  Fair!
            I do not know about being delusionsal, a fruit loop, religiously insane–you must be–to feel alluded to.  Stop using such words.  They do not enrich your vocabulary positively.  You use the words that, maybe, refer to you and those insane people you are defending.  Admittedly not all muslims are nuts, I imagine they are in the minority.
            If that makes you happy–calling people names, who am I to stop you.  But I do not wish to have muslim president for the greatest country in the world.
            If you are a good muslim, I am sure we can co-exist–if you are not, then you go your  way and I go mine.  If you go out of your way to want to kill me because I do not agree with your religious fanatics then you have no right to live in a country where free ideas flow like the wind.
            I know of muslims who invite people for peace talks–I would be afraid to be so invited–in this instance they killed everyone  in the meeting.  I still would not trust one! I would  be afraid to.
            In this instance please Vote for McCAIN for President!  Junk Obama, VOTE  OBAMA FOR PRESIDENT OF KENYA  so he can join the jihadists.
            Thank you for honoring me with a reply to my comments and may my GOD BLESS YOU!  Incidentally, in the modern world I have not heard of Christians killing other people for their GOD.  The Holy (?) Inquisition is no more!
            Cool it!

            • mwestorca

              Obama is not a Muslim. Obama is not a Muslim. Obama is not a Muslim. Even John McCain says Obama is not a Muslim. Why do you persist in thinking the opposite? You are basing your opinions on forwarded Internet garbage, not news. You must not even listen to Fox news. It's biased, but they know Obama is not a Muslim. Why don't you know that?

            • ste_benilde

              Why don't you read on his background?

        • mwestorca

          But, my friend, you have built your argument on a false premise. You want a Christian president. The problem is that Obama is the one who he made a public declaration that he accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior and was baptized in the name of Father, Son, and Holy Ghost). McCain has never done this. He attends a Baptist church, but has never made a “decision for Christ” and has never received baptism. So by your own argument, Obama is the one you should be voting for.

        • patianneb

          Gee, Christians have never EVER killed for their God, have they.

          • ste_benilde

            I do not know for sure if Christians have killed for their GOD, but Catholics have–in spreading their faith!  The tortures of the Holy (?) Inquisition are the  makings of an unbalanced mind just as the killings done for the Islam can also be so considered.

            Let us just vote for JOHN McCain because he is good for America!

    • guilloche

      “There are plenty of people around the world who are praying to their god, be they Hindu, Buddah, or Allah,…” Ummm…Hindu is a religion, not a god. Or was he saying “be (the plenty of people) Hindu, Buddah or Allah”, in which case, people can't be Buddah or Allah.

      Beyond all that, Buddhists don't pray to a god, but I guess that's just too cerebral a point for the good reverend.

    • cprtrain

      McCain and Palin are turning their campaign into a national embarrassment for America.

      Out of touch with reality, fear mongering with more than the usual republican lies thrown in for good measure.

      Stand up America and vote for change. We need to get this country fixed before it is too late.

      • ste_benilde

        You are more THE embarrassment. McCain and Palin are true Americans. It is Obama whose beginnings are being questioned. Is Obama Muslin, is he born American. He even picked a wife that only “once in her life” was proud to be an American. She even studied in one of the best schools of America, took advantage of it and is only now proud to be an Ameircan. Obama and his wife follow the thoughts of Jeremiah Wright who hates AMERICA! If you are like that then you deserve Obama! Suffer it and be proud of his wife. Do you want to take that chance? If you are a a true blooded American , born in East, West, North or South (not LA) of America then retain what it is that America stands for. Vote McCain!!

        If you are an immigrant that became an American, you came to America because it is so different from your country, embrace what America stands for–Vote John McCain! You did not come to America to make it look like your country, you did not come to America to retain your culture in America, you did not come to America to retain your language or you should have stayed in your country. You came to America because you like what this great country offered, you came to America because you wanted to be one of its great people–then Vote John McCain! His background is not in question, his associations are not in question, his loyalty to his country is not in question, be truly American, Vote John McCain. Do not change America for Obama and his associates–vote American by voting for John McCain. Retain Status quo. Whether you are a Democrat or a Republican–vote American–VOTE FOR JOHN MCCAIN!!

        • cprtrain

          There is no hope for you my friend! You are showing your ignorance and
          probably fucked your sister by the age of 12! It is a shame that
          republicans have to resort to maicious attacks on people who have
          different beliefs. That's how the NAZIS came too power and unless you are
          a card carrying member, I'd suggest that you get a life! Thank Bush and
          McBush for a deregulated financial system that has caused a global
          depression. I hope that you lose your job – if you had one in the first
          place! The Democrats will fix America through a lot of hard
          work….something you my friend probably have never experienced! The
          election isn't going to be close! McBush will go off into the Arizona
          desert to die and palin will go to jail! You my friend will have to move
          to Alaska and fuck polar bears with mr. palin! Obama rules!

          —– Original Message —–
          From: Disqus
          Subject: [iowaindependent] Re: John McCain: Davenport Liveblog
          Date: Sun, 12 Oct 2008 05:38:07 -0000

          • ste_benilde

            From the language you use, do you deserve a reply?  If people who write like you are on the side of OBAMA, can you see the crowd you are in?  It strengthens my belief in McCain, perhaps you should to–to improve yourself.
            In what world are you?  Remember 9/11?  Those muslims will go to heaven–so they declared!  Well?
            I will not lose my job because I work hard–don't know about you!  Poor you!  May GOD BLESS YOU for how you think and talk.

        • mglred

          You are hopeless.

          • Anonymous

            On the contrary, I am hopeful that people like you will see the light and VOTE McCAIN for our betterment.

          • Anonymous

            —– Forwarded Message —-
            Cc: alfred rubio ; Nena Bustamante ; Ron Dytuco ; rolando pagsanjan ; peddy ascio
            Sent: Sunday, November 16, 2008 10:32:29 AM
            Subject: Fw: Produce BC by 12-01-08 sez SCOTUS

    • ste_benilde

      Yes, Hindus, Muslims especially,and whatever else pray that Obama wins so they can change America. More mosques for jihadists. America is for Americans–then VOTE for McCain. Take notice McCain says what is in his heart, his sincerity is immediately felt. Does Obama say how he is going to change America? McCain is a simple American and all Americans are simple people that made America as great as how it is. Which America do you want Obama's America? or McCain's America. Obama copies everything that McCain says, he is smooth. A lawyer is always smooth. Watch and listen to everything that goes on. The lowest of the low are lawyer, next up are spinning newsmen. Vote for McCain to retain the greatness of America, to let the world know that it is the country to look up to.

      To those that vote for Obama, you deserve Jeremiah Wright, you deserve Michele Obama as your first lady who “only once' was proud to be an American. You deserve the jihadists, the hate America mongers, the terrorists. I guess you can write off your history of how America was created. Lose it and pay homage to all the countries of the world that hate America, the beautiful, the great and the greatest. Blacks vote Obama just for the pride that they will have the first black President — nothing to do with country. You deserve Iran's Ahmadinajed, you deserve Chavez and all the hate America mongers. The middle east can now buy all your ports and bases because they have the money to buy them, pay homage to all the black men that once upon a time the whites tortured.

      McCain is too much of a gentleman to come and fight dirty, do you think the friends of Obama like Farrkhan,Ayer, Odinga and Jeremy Wright are not working cladestinely against America? Just do not get the biggest surprise of your life. But there is still time, just vote JOHN McCAIN and then study your options later. Retain status quo. The only thing Obama has again McCain is George Bush. Bush is not running anymore so forget him. Vote McCain and let him be the President–he is a good man!!

      • jimman35

        Dear God,

        Protect me from your followers.

      • kjstjohn

        Holy moly!

      • oldnannie

        You need to reduce your hallucinogenics. You are really delusional and distorting the facts. Get a life.

        • ste_benilde

          You cannot even defend Obama, you resort to calling names. You are telling me 9/11 is distorted fact? You are telling me 9/11 did not happen? You must think like Ahmadinajed “the holocaust did not happen”, you seem to be the one hallucinating, you want to live in a country that is free. You want a candidate that coddles the likes of Jeremy Wright (America Hater), Odinga (jihadist), Farrahan (terrorist) Ayer and the like.

          You get your own life but not in America. Let America be the America that everybody loves the way the forefathers made it! I do not wish to have a president that is a muslim, I do not wish to have a First lady that is proud to be American only when circumstances favor her situation.

          If you are an immigrant that became an American citizen, leave America to be the country you came for not a copy of where you came from. I want it the way it is.

          • mglred

            Is English your first language? Re-read your entry. It sounds as tho either you are the immigrant or left school far too early. Read the sermon on the mount. If you can read. You'll see what Jesus really taught his followers. Certainly not the hatred and swill you are pushing.

            • ste_benilde

              True, I  might sound like an immgirant, just like you. It really makes not difference.  I am just for America and I see that in McCain!  Just VOTE for McCain the true American and I am for you.  The sermon on the mount could not have been what  terrorists of the 9/11 read, I know McCain is not for those that did the 9/11! They were done by muslims, ergo I do not like people like them.
              Are you for Obama because my English is bad? What is at stake is America not my English! I know I made a term paper on the Bible, but am not an expert on it.  My religion is based on the golden rule! I don't do unto others what I do not wish done to me!
              I am not pushing for hatred, I am pushing for the retention of what America is all about.  Get it!

            • kerosine

              If you live by the golden rule, then you are a complete hypocrite my dear.You are spreading lies and innuendo about Obama.Do the right thing and speak the truth.Or better yet, just shut up.

            • ste_benilde

              Now you are being holier than (thou) others.  What lies, what innuendoes? What is your idea of truth?   I feel I am doing the right thing by disputing what you claim.  You hurt because you I speak the truth.  I do not feel Obama should be the President of the greatest country in the world, the United States of America! Remember what is great about this country is that it is a FREE COUNTRY!  One has the freedom of choice and the freedom of speech!
              Remove your hurts and be at peace, just VOTE JOHN McCAIN!

          • rmroderos

            you are really “out of touch” just like your candidate. If you have nothing “intellectual” to say, just like “my candidate”, then park yourself and clam up. You are sounding just like Palin!!! UGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

            • ste_benilde

              If you are not an intellectual don't go pretending you are one.
              How do you think you sound?  What did your candidate say that was intellectual?  Did you notice he stutters at times–I i i i i. . .
              How does one sound intellectual in a campaign?  Obama copies, he should be a contestant in the program “I AM NOT BETTER THAN A FIFTH GRADER”!
              Just VOTE McCAIN and we will all make this nation as great as it is if not greater!

      • stgadt

        Dear Ste_Benilde
        I am an American and will be voting for Sen. Obama.

        • ste_benilde

          I can only hope you do not regret it!

          • stgadt

            Thank you for your email.

            I love this country, especially because of our freedom of speech and more
            importantly because our vote counts.

            After studying both Sen. McCain's & Sen. Obama's websites/policies, it is
            clear to me that like all previous presidential candidates they have great
            ideas and promises, but at the end of the day most of these ideas for one
            reason or another will face tremendous challenges and most likely never
            pass. Therefore, what I tend to look for in a candidate is their
            intelligence, temperament, demeanor, ability to select advisors, maturity,
            etc. I want to know what they will be using to make form their decisions.

            Kind regards,

            • ste_benilde

              Just like all candidates, replies cannot be contained fully in their campaign rhetoric.    I like what America stands for,  I read the History of the United States of America and it is like no other. True Americans made the country what it is today and I do not wish to change that despite mistakes that are done.  It is not  abusive to its people–why do you think all people of the world would like to come to America?  Because of what it stands for! You do not see people clambering to go to Russia or Cuba nor Venezuela! I do not want to change America for a few discontented individuals.  I vote for John McCain because he is the most American of both.
              I listen to McCain and his sincerity–his willing to die for his country (proven), his willing to better the fate of the people that suffered in this economic fiasco, his willingness to support America's soldiers.  Obama cannot do for the soldiers what McCain can do for them.  Obama was never a soldier.  Obama just theorizes.
              One cannot blame McCain for what is happening to the economy, Obama should blame himself too. He, like McCain is in the same government. Could McCain dictate to President Bush?  The downturn was caused by the greed and irresponsibility of the buyers, agents, banks and those individuals who feel they can just pass it on to the government.  There was no love of country, there was no honesty. Why blame McCain.  Greed has no one to blame but themselves!   Obama blames McCain for what Bush did/does–duh!  Bush is not running for the Presidency.  And if he did something wrong, Obama should be specific.
              If guilt is proven by association then OBAMA has no right to the presidency! Put on the tape of Jeremiah Wright and listen. . . Wright's hatred of America.  It took a long time for Obama to disown him.  Until now Obama is defending the wrong doing of his associates by saying 'that happened a long time ago'…'he did not know'.  I find it hard to believe.  He manipulated these people to endorse him for they had the wherewithal to do so.  No need to study his associates one by one, just read what was said about them and how Obama got himself to be candidate for the presidency.  Hillary was a good speaker and was in the fray  using fairplay–Obama used the tricks of the game.  Hillary never knew what hit her!  
              I see in McCain what America is all about!  I do not wish to take a chance on a newcomer based on specious declarations and questionable association/s.
              For whatever the candidates promise, it is what they say, their background and associates  that will speak for them.  Promises were made to be broken once they are in power.  A lawyer is more likely to twist promises. There is less likelihood McCain to be negative. This is his last hurrah!  The other is suspect, he has his enforcers. 
              Most especially I cannot support someone for first lady who at her age had only once been “proud to be an American” but had taken advantage of what America has and had to offer to her and to the world.
              America will recover from her vicissitudes. The Stars and Stripes will still be waving over this beautiful great land!  God Bless America and may the sun never set on her.  With McCain at the helm, it is possible!
              The saying is  Obama's “choice of friends and associates show who you are”–need I say more?  Talk about distraction–Obama has the right director for his play.  There is such a thing as the “Manchurian Candidate”, an “Iranian Candidate”, a “Muslim candidate”.  Yes it is a movie, but the movies are a reflection of life with a twist as all media depicts life with a spin.
              If you are for America, vote McCain! If you are for oil drilling, VOTE McCain! If you are for winning the war, VOTE McCain!  If you are for what America stands for, VOTE McCain!  If you are for recovery, VOTE McCain!
              McCain makes statements of what he is going to do, Obama just waits and criticizes but when people approve of what McCain says, then Obama copies what McCain says and says it like it originated from him.
               Kind regards to you too sir and may you make the right choice.

          • mglred

            Why don't you read the truth about McCain in the Village Voice from last week? Your hair will stand on end. He is all about John McCain–not you.

            • ste_benilde

              I did not read it because it might have influenced by terrorists.  I am sorry, but McCain a true american hero and you cannot dispute that!

      • mglred

        You are a hatemonger and a terrorist, “my friend.”

        • mglred

          Let's see — “ste_benilde.” Ah, you obviously are French.

        • ste_benilde

          No sir! I just want you to vote for McCain, the true unquestionable American!

      • rmroderos

        where are you from??? of all the personal attacks that palin/mccain has done, obama only fought back with the keating issue. …which the way…true!!! so, breath hard, relax and go with the truth!!! you will feel a lot better, vote OBAMA!!!

        • ste_benilde

          Most of the personal attacks were done by Hillary Clinton another democrat.  Are you saying Clinton was lying?
          Let's not fight, just VOTE McCain and I will think well of you!

      • kerosine

        This is straight from the university of Rush and Hannity.Now I know why they say that extreme patriotism can be a refuge for racists.We are still waiting to launch a full scale investigation on Sarah Palin and the Alaska independence party.Then voters shall determine who is true to America.

        • ste_benilde

          No need for an investigation.  I have it on good authority that both JOHN McCAIN & SARAH PALIN     
          are true redblooded Americans.  Hillary Clinton is too!  How is it Mrs. Obama is only now proud to be American, because she feels her husband is a candidate for the Presidency? That is pseudo-Americanism.  Anyone who wants to be in America should be proud to be American!!!  You do not sell your country short.
          Now you are even lying when you say you represent Rush and Hannity.  Just speak for yourself as I am.  I am not a racist.  I just love what America is all about.  So do a lot of people like you.
          I do not have to have you investigated, just VOTE JOHN McCAIN for President.  He is the true American for America.

        • Anonymous

          —– Forwarded Message —-

        • Anonymous

          —– Forwarded Message —-

    • cprtrain

      McCain was in Iowa on Saturday because he is naive and believes that he still might win an election when he trails by over 12% and is falling further behind every time Palin opens her mouth.

      This campaign has been a disgrace for the republican party as they come across as the most incompetent individuals that have ever been in an election. What an embarrassment and these people want to lead America!!!!!!!!

      What a joke!!!!

      The people of Iowa are not dumb. Read the facts and study them. There are a lot of republican fear mongers who are trying to stir up hatred and are spreading lies! Don't believe them.

      We are facing the biggest economic crisis of our lives because of Bush / McCain financial deregulation. Obama and the Democrates will fix this mess….it will take time but it will get fixed.

      Trust Obama and not McBush!

    • kjstjohn

      Wow. I am absolutely floored by the Rev. Conrad's invocation. My God (I am Christian) has absolutely nothing to prove in this election. We have free will on election day and we will reap what we sow, whether it be good seed or bad.

    • patianneb

      I was floored by this Conrad's suggfestion that somehow GOD'S REPUTATION was on the line here, and that GOD had best be concerned that people would think THEIR GOOD WAS BIGGER THAN HIM…. Was Conrad praying for some serious smiting?
      The last I knew there was but one God, Creator of EVERYTHING. Omnipotent, all-powerful; known by many names.
      Did this guy really suggest that if GOD doesn't WATCH OUT, His reputation might be besmirched?
      This is so beyond preposterous it is hysterical.
      SOMEONE is.


      Does this idiot preacher realize that Abraham,Jesus,and Mohammed are all from the same family? Doesn't he know that all Abrahamic faiths (Judaism, Christianity,Islam) all pray to the same God, the God of Abraham? Whether you call him Yahwaeh, Jehovah, Ya Halleluyah,or Allah it's the same God? Where do these nuts come from?

      • ste_benilde

        Logic dictates that God is God in whatever name–I doubt that Islam believes the way you believe. They will, if convenient. Fanaticism does not go hand in hand with an open mind!

        • Weirdharold

          Fanaticism, So sayeth James Jones, David Korish, Charles Manson & etc. Fanaticism is not just an Islamist thing. It come home to prey on us all.

          • ste_benilde


            I agree. 

            Only 9/11 is so vivid in my mind and it was done by Muslim Fanatics.  Then I hear how Ahmadinajed talks.  How he is going to wipe out Israel. Then I hear the clerics. Remember Rushdie? Believe me it is scary! To most Americans it is one big joke because they are a happy people.  I do not want that change!

            Why do you call yourself weird?

            • Weirdharold

              The Weirdharold is a very long story. Much too long to post here. However I lived in Egypt for several months and I developed friendships with several Muslims. To place Fanaticism on 1.3 billion people is senseless and dangerous to think we can state a a war with all these people when most want only their daily bread for their family and themselves as do I. The fanatics have an agenda, so do we and it is called OIL.

      • mglred

        Jesus must be rolling over in his grave because of these mean people who just do not get the concept of love.

        • Jessica703

          Actually, He isn't in a grave. I do however agree that they don't know anything about the concept of love.

        • nihil

          Very few Christians believe that Jesus has a grave to roll over in. They believe in his pysical resurrection. You seem to be more in the Jefferson tradition — Jesus as a great moral teacher, and no belief in his divinity, godhead, or immortality. That's okay with me, but most evangelicals and catholics will be offended.

      • Jessica703

        You are incorrect in your logic. God, is not an idea, or something that you can just decide how “it” works. The Bible actually spells out who God is, and what that means. So, if you are praying to “Allah” you are not saved. If you do not have a relationship with God, and Jesus Christ, you are not saved. So no, they are not “the same thing”. By any means.

    • msladydeborah

      I am a Christian and I am praying that Obama wins. And if this is an example of the type of people that are going to be associated with John McCain~I would strongly urge people of all faiths to pray that he does not win the office of POTUS.

      • ste_benilde

        I am a christian and I hope that John McCain wins! I am not voting because McCain is white or black, I like him because he will be good for America!

        • mglred

          Why…because he was a POW? You're voting against your own interests. What does being Christian have to do with the Presidential election. Simple ignorance, that's all.

          • ste_benilde

            McCain's having been a POW is one of the good reasons for voting him as President! That emboldens me to entrust to him (McCain) the fate of this great country! Whatever retains America to be what the forefathers made it, is in my interest.  I am sure it is in yours too.
            Christian[ity] has nothing to do with the presidential elections, but the other choice  is a  candidate with muslim tendencies or a Jeremiah follower . . . that is dangerous!
            I have to be ignorant to think on your terms.  To fight terrorists think like one, to think like you I have to transpose myself into your position so I can ask you to VOTE FOR McCain!

          • Jessica703

            I don't think Christianity represents ignorance AT ALL. In fact, I think quite the opposite… & it's sad that you have hardened your heart to the truth.

      • ivoted4jesus

        You may be what you call a Christian but you are not a Christ follower if you voted for Obama. And that is settled!!!

        However, since this election is now over – and all who is a true follower of Christ (aka Christians understands that we must still pray that God's WILL is still completed in this matter.

        But again I say without apology, you are not a Christian if you voted for Obama. Christians follows what Christ our God tells us to do in His Word.

        On a final note: Oprah calls herself a Christian too. So is it okay for her to serve Tolle and Christ? People are just calling themselves Christians now days because it is popular. But only those who follow Christ are Christians. I think the name Christians is the root of Christ in case someone forgot.

        God bless all who read this post and I pray that you are trusting in Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour!!!! He is the only True and Living God!!!!

    • blueollie

      I drove from Peoria, IL to attend this rally. Disclaimer: I am an Obama supporter.

      Aside from the invocation (which disgusted me), I was fine with the rally. Sure, I agreed with very little of the policies, but I did NOT sense the hatred that I saw on TV at other McCain rallies. I'd have to say that the Iowa folks were pretty nice and, aside from the obnoxious pastor, stuck pretty much to the issues.

      Where I was sitting, the strongest thing I heard was a cry of “get her out of here” when the protester interrupted the rally (and I don't approve of that kind of protest). There was no cursing of any kind around me.

    • FlightLeveler

      McPain and Co. want to turn the USA into another Bagdad. The hatred is a wakeup call to all Americans that we may be at a cross roads. If the man chosen by the people is killed we may forfeit our freedom. The police state will rise. Fight hard but fight fair. Be American folks. Leave your envy and insecurity behind.

      The idea of Obama is threatening to many; he's smart, intellectual, athletic, happily married, successful, a winner and black. He's the guy who was always better than…YOU. Don't worry, you're not going to have to do his job. This is the kind of guy we need in the White House. The nation deserves the best.

    • craftne

      FYI I'm a student of Tibetan Buddhism, Gelug (yellow hats, same as the Dalai Lama), Medicine Buddha. I have a Sangha and a teacher in Sydney, but not here in America. Buddha is not a god. We do not pray to Buddha to satisfy desires. We only ask to stop the suffering of others.

      I am an Obama supporter. It never fails to surprise me the level of ignorance and fear. It is very sad. I hope that Obama becomes president because I see that he is more likely and the most able and willing to stop the suffering of millions.

      What I find most sad in America today is the amount of fear that is rooted in ignorance, insularity and neophobia — ignorance that is willful, not the innocence of children. It is very sad. It is vulnerable to Christian extremist groups akin to Al Qaeda in that that fear can be moved into violence. I am concerned about the hate crimes these people can cause. I only hope that Sarah Palin and John McCain take responsibility for their words.

    • prouddem

      To ste_benilde,
      Clearly from your blog, you are one of the many misinformed voters, and sadly you are the type of person that embarrases America with your ignorance. Please, just go away.

    • bonnetteblj

      For Rev. Conrad's information, I AM a Christian and will be voting for Barack Obama. I believe he can bring our country peace, prosperity and bring our nation's respect back worldwide. I pray, however, I pray that the Lord will let Barack Obama and Joe Biden win so that they can bring our country back…
      fix our economy, fix the energy crisis, bring new jobs, punish those companies who have taken
      jobs overseas, fix our healthcare crisis, fix the Social Security crisis, end the war in Iraq and
      capture Osama Bin Laden and his people responsible for 9/11. You see, there are those of us
      who are Christian and believe in the character of Senator Obama. He has not lied to the American
      peope, as McCain/Palin have throughout this election season (and they have been caught
      many ties lying to the American people). His message brings unity to this country, not devisiveness
      and hate as McCain/Palin have been instigating with their rhetoric. McCain/Palin have not been discussing the issues during this campaign, but have instead been attacking Senator Obama's
      character and trying to cause fear in the American voters about Senator Obama. We have just lived through eight years of fear by the Bush Admin. People who believe the propaganda being put out by the McCain/Palin campaign, obviously, do not read papers, magazines or even news on the Internet, but just believe whatever is sent to them in smear/slander emails on the Internet. These people are gullible and probably will still vote for McCain/Palin. My question is “How can Rev. Conrad call himself a man of God and put out such hate speech.” The McCain/Palin campaign would have your believe they are the party for the Christians in America. Only, all I see (and alot of other Christians also) is hatefulness, descrimination, racial bigotry and fear tactics….these do not fall in line with the teachings of Christianity. So, I WILL vote for Senator Barack Obama and Senator Joseph Biden as they are men of God with intelligence, humanity, character, positive plans for America, love of country, and best of all, they listen to the American people!

    • kestrel777

      Dear So and So, I get such amusement at you so-called Christians. Your pundits are sooo correct…(1)Buddha is not a god, (2)Allah IS God, the same God of Ishmael and Isaac, (3)The entire world knows that 9/11 is fact, (4)Obama is NOT a Muslim.

      The ignorance of that Reverand is absolutely appaulling. He should be verbally castigated by whatever Evangelical congregation from whence he came. SHAME ON HIM!! And, shame on you.
      I pray to our Lord Jesus Christ that this kind of self-righteousness comes to a halt. It is this kind of biggoted ignorance coming from the fundamentalist Christians that is tearing us apart. You make yourself out to be just as fanatical as the fundamentalist Islamics who hate us so. Is this what the living Christ wants from us? As you were politely suggested to, I suggest the same, read the Sermon on the Mount, and for the love of all that is Holy, stop the ignorance.

    • Kansan

      McCain didn't talk about “Troopergate” because the only way to talk about it and win, is to lie. Palin's been doing that nicely, thank you.

      Although the investigation found that she'd “abused her power” she points to it not finding her guilty of ethical or criminal violations. However what the press is not reporting, and it's shameful, is that the investigator named 10 close associates of Palin who said they would testify, like Palin, then reneged. Seven refused subpoenas. Her husband Todd submitted some last minute carefully crafted answers to the investigator, but as one congressman said during the Nixon impeachment proceedings, “You can't cross examine a deposition.” In fact, Todd's statement was not done under oath so has no weight.

      The investigator did not exonerate Palin on those charges as he said, because of the stonewalling, the best he could say was that his investigation was “incomplete.” The press seems to have ignored this core issue.

    • mrcapthat

      Senator Obama has his whole plan listed on his website, all spelled out, in clear concise language. John McCain's site has two sentence answers that sound like the ones he gives in his speeches;”I know how to fix the economy”, “I know how to find Osama bin Laden”… blah blah blah. He had Phil Gramm write his economic policy, Phil Gramm who engineered the Enron debacle. And if Senator Obama is such a friend to Bin Laden, why does he want to bring the war back to Afghanistan, where Osama is, when McCain wants to stay in Iraq till we have “victory” there? What is “victory” in Iraq any way, what would define it? It might be easier to achieve it if we even knew what it was we are working towards. But you vote how you want. I am a Christian, but I have known many Muslims in my life, and I assure you, you scare me a lot more than they do(not that Senator Barack Obama is Muslim, he isn't, ; but it shouldn't matter if he was). Why does Sarah Palin always prefix the word terrorist with the words “Islamic Fundamentalist”? Was Timothy McVie not terrorist enough to stop? Hatemongers like you suck; do you think God color coded everyone so even morons like yourself could make accurate value judgements on people with out those headaches you get when you try to think? I read the bible, I don't remember Jesus putting a clause on the greatest commandment that it only applied to “white folks”. Besides, Jesus was from Galilee, which is near Palestine. He probably looked more like Senator Obama than Senator McCain, despite what a Charleton Heston flick might have you believe. If you think about the mindset of our founding fathers when they laid the ground work for this great nation, (who used the words “divine providence” to not impinge on any one religion) and if you read the words they wrote in the Declaration of Independence, and view your own hate filled diatribe with any objectivity, you would cry yourself to sleep. While Senator Obama makes me proud to be an American, it is people like yourself, Karl Rove, Sarah Palin, and the good reverend Conrad that makes me feel ashamed of being white. If you think that you have some right to tell Americans what they should do or what they deserve, then maybe you are in the wrong country.

    • Jessica703

      How ironic, Obama's preacher said to “exterminate whites or be exterminated”


    • Navy_VET_EOD

      “And Lord, I pray that you would guard your own reputation, because they’re going to think that their god is bigger than you, if that happens. So I pray that you will step forward and honor your own name with all that happens between now and Election Day.”

      Childish rhetoric for childish minds.

    • Netter

      Deeth is an abysmal journalist…can't the Independent Iowan find better than this? These candidates are deserving of so much more respect and dignity. Even if you don't agree with their political views, there's certainly a more intelligent way to write about them than was displayed in this article.

      And shame on that so-called 'man of God' who uttered blaspemous prayer over the gathering. God loves all his children. God doesn't choose sides with his children. He hears only the RIGHTEOUS petitions of his beloved on BOTH sides. That preacher is still lost to God.

    • irma6448

      It appauls me that ANYONE who claims to be a Christian can vote for a candidate that is for abortion in any situation…It is a creation of GOD and there is no gray area. Black and White. If you think the economy is bad now and chaos is happening, lets see what happens if a candidate is elected to let this continue. CMON Christiians WAKE UP and vote with your heart. Every ONE of us will have to answer to our Father for what is happening if we continue. Economy, heath insurance,the war, none of it is as important as GENOCIDE of God's innocent creation!!! He will bring us back to where we need to be if we quit killing his precious creations!!

    • catholic statues

      Hey ivoted4jesus,

      i dont see why ppl would not be Christian if they voted for Obama? Jesus would roll over in his grave …… If he would have one …..

    • catholic statues

      Hey ivoted4jesus,

      i dont see why ppl would not be Christian if they voted for Obama? Jesus would roll over in his grave …… If he would have one …..

    • catholic statues

      Hey ivoted4jesus,

      i dont see why ppl would not be Christian if they voted for Obama? Jesus would roll over in his grave …… If he would have one …..

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