Occupy DSM doing ‘banner drops’ over I-235

Occupy Des Moines has done two “banner drops” on bridges across Interstate 235 in Des Moines, a person close to the group says, and plans to do more.

Last week the group placed a banner that read “www.occupydsm.org” on a bike trail across I-235 between 42nd Street and Polk Boulevard. It was up for about 12 hours before being taken down, likely by the city, the source said.

On Monday two banners on two consecutive westbound bridges near downtown were up during morning traffic. The first said “banks got bailed out,” and the second added “we got sold out.”

“We’ll continue to do banner drops,” the person said, speaking on condition of anonymity. “They are a great form of guerrilla advertising.”

The source requested anonymity not out of concern that Occupy Des Moines would be identified as responsible for the banners, but because being identified might implicate other individuals advancing the tactic.

“I doubt the city police would pursue it,” the individual said. “Hell, I don’t even know if it’s illegal, but it could be a minor littering charge or something.”

The individual made clear that the occupy group is not responsible for two “Ron Paul revolution” banners that appeared across I-235 in recent days.

“As a movement we are independent of electoral politics,” the source said. “There is a Ron Paul faction of four or five people out of 50 to 60 core group that push their stuff, but they are a minority, if vocal, voice.”