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Open letter to readers: Today and tomorrow

By Lynda Waddington | 11.17.11

Wednesday was a difficult day for The American Independent News Network, which is the larger entity that operates The Iowa Independent. Our chief executive and founder announced two of our sister sites would close and their content would be moved to The American Independent.

ACS lockout continues; plan emerges to repeal sugar protections

By Virginia Chamlee | 11.15.11

A recently introduced bill could have far-reaching impact on the U.S. sugar industry, including American Crystal Sugar, a farmer-owned cooperative that locked out 1,300 Midwest workers on Aug. 1.

Cain campaign: Farmers know more about regulations than EPA

By Andrew Duffelmeyer | 11.15.11

The chairman for Herman Cain’s Iowa effort says the campaign “relied more on the word of farmers than Washington regulators” in deciding to run an ad containing claims the Environmental Protection Agency says are false.

Mathis wins, Democrats maintain Senate control

Liz Mathis
By Lynda Waddington | 11.08.11

The Iowa Senate will remain under the control of a slim 26-25 Democratic majority when it reconvenes in January 2012.

Press Release

PR: Nation should work to address veterans’ challenges

By Press Release Reprints | 11.11.11

BRUCE BRALEY RELEASE — As US involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan ends, it’s more important than ever that our nation works to address the challenges faced by the men and women who fought there.

PR: Honoring veterans, help in hiring

By Press Release Reprints | 11.11.11

CHUCK GRASSLEY RELEASE — A difficult job market is challenging the soldiers, sailors and airmen who have protected America’s interests by serving in the Armed Forces.

PR: In honor of America’s veterans

By Press Release Reprints | 11.11.11

TOM LATHAM RELEASE — No one has done more to secure the freedom enjoyed by every single American than our veterans and those currently serving in the armed services.

PR: Honoring and supporting our nation’s veterans

By Press Release Reprints | 11.11.11

DAVE LOEBSACK RELEASE — Veterans Day is an opportunity to reflect on the service of generations of veterans and to honor the sacrifices they and their families have made so that we may live in peace and freedom here at home.

King on suicide pilot: ‘I understand the deep frustration with the I.R.S.’

By Jason Hancock | 02.24.10 | 9:00 am

U.S. Rep. Steve King, R-Kiron, released a statement Tuesday in response to criticism he’s facing after twice expressing empathy for a man who flew a plane into an Internal Revenue Service building last week.

King’s comments, first documented by the liberal blog Talking Points Memo and then captured on video by liberal blog Think Progress, drew immediate outrage. Among other things, King said if the U.S. had abolished the I.R.S “back when I first advocated it, he wouldn’t have a target for his airplane.”

Fifteen people were injured in the suicide attack, with one man — a military veteran — killed.

House Majority Whip James Clyburn, D-S.C., the third ranking Democrat in the U.S. House, called King’s statement’s “appalling” during a speech on the House floor Tuesday.

Colleen M. Kelley, president of the National Treasury Employees Union, which represents I.R.S. workers, called on King to “retract and apologize for his ill-conceived statements concerning the tragic event that took place in Austin.”

King’s office released the following statement regarding his remarks:

As a founder of a small business who has endured I.R.S. audits, I understand the deep frustration with the I.R.S. In the early days, my company could not run without me on the job. I once had to shut it down just to be in the room with the I.R.S. I did not get a fair shake, but I channeled my frustration the American way and ran for office. Americans looking for an outlet for their frustration should join me in calling on Congress to pass a national sales tax and abolish the current federal tax code and the I.R.S.

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  • MetalNick

    You have got to be kidding me. He's using the attack as a way to try and garner support for abolishing the I.R.S.? The man can't even apologize for saying a stupid remark earlier – something that could have been brushed off as a misuse of words. Not he's just digging himself into a bigger hole. This guy needs to go.

  • spo1

    Ohhh, the poor anti-tax fanatic (who owned his OWN PLANE) struck out against the U.S. Government. There’s NO WAY to convince me this Joe Stack III guy wasn’t incited to violence by the Right-Wing Spin Machine. (AM Radio Free Conservative and FOX News) A CONSTANT drone of HATE SPEECH against ANYTHING tax, Obama or Liberal.

    I’ve researched the AM Radio Free Conservative/FOX News propaganda machine and it turns out spokespersons like O’Reilly, Beck, Hannity, Limbaugh, etc… are working for foreign special interests that want to “divide and conquer” the American PEOPLE. I’m sure the Saudi Royals, who are now majority owners of Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp/FOX News, were overjoyed at the news and confident of their long range strategic planning.

    NOTE: (did you see the video of Ailes, O’Reilly, Hannity, Beck and rest of the FOX news puppets lining up t0 kiss the right shoulder of the Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talai? It’s even more sickening than all the hand holding/kissing Bush Jr. used to do at the ranch in Crawford TX. George W. Bush always resembled a smitten school girl ever time he was in the presence of Saudi Royals)

    Joseph Stack III was a homegrown TERRORIST and the Conservative news media was like a Osama bin Lunatic video calling him to murderous ACTION. This maniac used what’s become the universal sign of terrorism since 9/11… A PLANE CRASH INTO A BUILDING

    IT’S TIME TO FIGHT BACK AGAINST THESE CONSERVATIVE INSURGENTS before they allow the destruction of the USA. I'm NOT going to stand by and allow the USA to be destroyed by a bunch of Glenn Beck/Sarah Palin GROUPIES, ****you TOO! You right-wing degenerates got a BIG surprise coming….

    I can’t believe the hypocrisy of the Conservative reactionaries, some actually DEFENDING this nutcase Joe (the engineer) Stack. (Rep. Steve King) …If this guy was of Middle-Eastern descent the right-wing would have raised such a stink, pointing fingers at Obama/Biden, Democrats, Liberals for being SOFT ON TERROR!

    The thing that gets me is how these Tax Party cult members are all well-off enough to STILL be in the upper or middle class but they act like they’re being targeted and will LOSE everything to the government. I got NEWS for you Tards, this kind of thing has been going on for a few decades now… ONLY THE GOVERNMENT HAS TARGETED the 40+ MILLION Americans struggling BELOW THE POVERTY LEVEL.

    So QUIT being a bunch of shameless, irresponsible Conservative wacko crybabies and read about your FELLOW AMERICANS who have a REAL REASON to be angry at the government BUT REFUSE TO RESORT TO VIOLENCE and work within the system for CHANGE! That’s what GREAT AMERICANS DO… (ya spoiled, pathetic CPAC/Beck groupies)

    “The U.S. government WON’T TAX the RICH but it will SEIZE from the POOR”

    REST of the story goto:

  • jameslandi

    Steve King is an enemy of the United States and he should be arrested for provoking violence against civil law and order.

  • jameslandi

    Steve King is an enemy of the United States and he should be arrested for provoking violence against civil law and order.

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